Monika’s career as an educational consultant and teacher spans 25 years, and in that time, she has prided herself on her ability to form personal connections with students and make a positive difference in their lives.

Monika’s education began with a BFA at Concordia University in Montreal, and then continued with Master’s degrees and PhD coursework at Harvard and Cornell. She has also lived and taught in many university communities, experience which makes her a valuable resource to students.

As a Senior Educational Consultant, Monika works with students across a wide range of disciplines. Drawing from her own background in the arts, she has worked with students involved in art, theatre, dance, and architecture. She helps arts students explore a range of post-secondary choices and manage the admissions process to colleges or universities requiring portfolios or auditions.

In addition, over the past decade, Monika has worked with a large number of applicants to engineering and science programs across Canada and the US. She has encouraged young scientists and engineers to become more involved with the subjects they love, matched them to inspiring extracurricular programs, and helped them craft their applications to highly competitive universities. Monika’s clients have successfully gained admissions to the premier Canadian and US post-secondary science and engineering programs, and to all the Ivy League colleges.

To all her clients, Monika brings a broad knowledge of the US and Canadian post-secondary landscape, and is excited to help students find the perfect match for them – from trades education to a music conservatory, from engineering transfer to sciences at the top-ranked universities in North America. In each case, Monika combines her skills as a listener and communicator with her broad-base of knowledge to work with students and families, to provide academic support and guidance through the secondary and post-secondary landscape.

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