What we do:

They help students brainstorm ideas and identify their goals, cheer students on during the writing process, and emphasize the importance of drafts. By identifying grammatical, structural, and stylistic concerns, they teach students how to be better writers while offering valuable insight into each university.

In the ever-competitive post-secondary application process, our knowledgeable writing coaches help students tell their stories in unique and effective ways.


What we do:

Our writing coaches help students think through a variety of writing tasks and guide students in presenting their accomplishments, experiences, and goals in the best light. The end result? Polished, professional essays.

Impress scholarship committees with well-crafted application essays. Students have impressive academics, extracurricular experiences, and personal stories, but they often struggle to capture their personalities and achievements in writing.

English support

What we do:

They assess students’ abilities and present them with personalized lessons to improve their skills, whether it’s developing a more expansive vocabulary, a stronger command of writing conventions, or more confidence conducting research and analysis. The writing coach motto? Writing is a process, but the best way to improve is to begin.

Through coaching, modeling, and lots of practice, our writing coaches help students develop lifelong writing skills and strategies.