The post-secondary application process is constantly evolving. Ministry mandates change from year to year, as do admission requirements. We understand that knowing where and how to start the application process can feel overwhelming and daunting for many students and their families.

But, we believe the process can be effectively navigated through tailored advice, coaching and ongoing collaboration. It is critical for students to have the most current information, and Options Solutions educational consultants are constantly researching and networking with post-secondary admissions advisors to ensure they are up-do-date on the latest requirements. Our consultants have years of experience with a broad range of post-secondary programs and their application deadlines and requirements, and they will help students navigate the process in a supportive and knowledgeable environment.

We can help with:


  • Providing a comprehensive overview of the Canadian admissions process
  • Setting realistic & achievable goals by creating an effective study & time management plan for grade 12
  • Creating a tailored list of post-secondary institutions based on the student’s values & interests
  • Evaluating factors to consider when choosing a school
  • Finding a field of study or program best suited to the student
  • Completing all applications & supplements
  • Generating a checklist of all application tasks


  • Assessment of post-secondary offers & final decision-making conversation
  • Course registration for the following school year & first-year guidance