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Meet the host

Join me, Melinda Giampietro, founder of Options Solutions- Canada’s most established educational consulting company- as we explore the Canadian post-secondary application and admission process on my podcast Admissions Office Canada: Presented by Options Solutions.

I will host lively discussions with expert guests from across all areas of post-secondary education, including admission officers, education insiders, data specialists, current students, and industry professionals.

I leverage my 30-year network to have nuanced conversations with grace and good humour, making all things post-secondary accessible to the audience.

In semester one, I will chat with admission officers and enrollment specialists to help families understand the current post-secondary admission climate and process in Canada.

We’re going to talk about … What matters when getting in? What do students have agency over? How do students prepare early? How does this change by university and subject of interest? Listen in for unscripted conversations with some of Canada’s leading admission professionals.

Admissions Office Canada, the podcast, goes beyond what you can read online.