Creating the Perfect Workspace

As more and more of you are working and learning from home this week, we thought we’d share our best tips for creating the perfect workspace. Getting things done might look a little different now, but we’re choosing to see this as an opportunity to customize our home “offices,” so we can be as productive as possible.

Make some space

Marisa’s spacious workspace

This first one might seem a little self-explanatory, but the first thing to keep in mind is making sure that you have enough space to get things done. Consider the type of work you’ll be doing: will everything get done on your computer, or will you also need a pen and paper to jot down notes? Understanding how much space you’ll need can help you determine the right spot. 

Work with what you have

Michelle’s creative workspace

Sometimes, we need to get a little creative with our physical work spaces. Perhaps every member of your family is working from home these days, and you’re limited to where you can set up your workstation, or perhaps some of the more conventional spaces in your home are a bit too noisy. Whatever the reason, with a little inventiveness, you can still create the perfect workspace for yourself. A card table or, in our consultant Michelle’s case, an ironing board set up in a quiet room can do the trick. Or, if you’re already getting cabin fever, try working outside on the patio or balcony as the weather warms up. 

Limit distractions

Chloe’s focused workspace

Before you set up your workspace, consider possible distractions, and do your best to limit them. Make sure the TV is off and other devices like phones and tablets are being put to use in order to help, not hinder, your productivity. If you work in a communal space, consider listening to soft, lyric-less music to help you focus, but otherwise, our brains do best when it’s quiet. 

Keep things organized

Amanda’s organized workspace

One of the most important tips for your workspace is to keep it organized, and it’s just as crucial to find organizational methods that work for you. Consider how you plan to keep your physical and digital spaces in order. Maybe you need a new filing system, maybe your binders need a new home, or maybe you need a virtual way to track your upcoming deadlines. 

Make it your own

Melinda’s customized workspace

Customization is the key to really thriving in your new workspace. Make sure your favourite pens are in your cup, you have those sticky notes you like within arm’s reach, and your favourite books are on the shelf. Try introducing a few plants to liven things up and dressing up your space with pictures, drawings, and memorabilia—anything that will make you smile and make doing your work that much more enjoyable. 

Create opportunities for movement

Alyssa’s active workspace

You’re probably sitting for longer periods of time nowadays, so don’t forget to stretch your legs every once in a while. A short walk around the room (or down to the kitchen for a snack!) can give your back a much needed break. Alternatively, a few good yoga poses, held for 2-3 minutes, can make all the difference. Might we suggest a leisurely down dog, cat/cow, or child’s pose? 

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