Course Planning Tips: Part Two


Students everywhere are preparing for course selection at their high schools. We know how important strategic course selection can be to a student’s future. That’s why we’re back with part two of our course selection tips!

Course selection is a great time to learn how admission to university works.

Each university will have certain requirements that applicants must meet to be admissible. Moreover, each program at each university will have its own specific requirements. These also change from year-to-year, so it’s important to stay current and check the university admissions websites often.

If you’re heading to grade 11 or 12 next year, it’s very important to do your research prior to choosing your high school courses. Even if you’re heading to grades 9 or 10 next year, this is still a good time to think about what the future holds, so you can explore your interest and take the right prerequisites for your grade 11 and 12 courses. Let’s look at the basic steps to smart course planning.

  1. Make a list of universities and programs of interest.
  2. Go to each university’s website and identify the requirements for your programs of interest.
  1. Double-check your courses are approved by each university. Each school will have lists of approved academic courses. These are the courses you’ll have to use when meeting course requirements/recommendations and calculating your admissions average.
McGill’s 2022 list of approved academic courses
  1. Make a list of the courses you will need for each program at each university.
  2. Fill out your course selection form. Double-check graduation requirements with your school counselor.

If you need help with your individual course planning or have questions about the requirements for different universities and their programs, now is the perfect time to chat with one of our educational consultants. Our consultants help to arm students and parents with everything they need to know to tackle course planning with ease.

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