Ravi Parhar, Options Solutions’ Medical School Consultant, looks forward to helping students tackle the complex application process to medical school. He graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2014 and received a B.Sc. in Wood Products Processing through the Faculty of Forestry. His atypical undergraduate experience, which included a degree change, a research co-op term, extensive non-degree coursework outside of his program and a plethora of student leadership involvements, proved to be a rich journey towards medical school.

After careful research and reflection on the competitive application process for medical school, he committed himself to a year of improving his profile – taking extra coursework, keeping up with his leadership involvements and gaining valuable clinical exposure. He applied to his hometown medical school program at UBC and a handful of American medical school programs, and was delighted to receive, on his first attempt, multiple interviews and subsequent acceptances to programs across the continent.

While he ultimately made the choice to attend the UBC Vancouver Fraser Medical Program, he still keeps up-to-date on the American medical school landscape, checking-in with his fellow Canadians studying south of the border. He has helped countless peers and future colleagues navigate their medical school options and to understand the various admissions policies in place. He takes an applicant-centered approach to advising, and encourages applicants to be empowered to best understand their personal journey to entering medical school. Additionally, he is very interested in graduate medical education and the various pathways to residency for those who study medicine in Canada, in the United States and around the world.

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