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Update on English 12 Provincial Exam Marks

We were advised on July 29 that there was an issue with the English 12 Provincial Exam marks from June 2019. The ministry confirmed in a public statement on August 1 that the issue had been resolved. August 1, 2019 The Ministry of Education has released a statement confirming the problem has been resolved here. […]

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A Writing Coach’s Perspective: What I Learned About Helping Students Learn

Our writing coach Alyssa Morris shares her insights from her nine-week course that focused on how to support and encourage executive functioning and academic preparation skills in students with LD designations. During the nine-week “Academic Strategies and Executive Function Supports for Students with LD, ADHD, and ASD” course offered by Landmark College, I explored the […]

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Tackle the English 12 Provincial Exam with our Prep Program!

The official English 12 BC Provincial exam dates are April 26th and June 25th, and each individual school determines which date their students will write the exam. There are several factors to keep in mind regarding the importance of the exam: The exam is worth 40% of a student’s overall grade and many students find the exam […]

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