Cut The Back To School Stress With These 5 Tips to Stay On Track!


As you prepare for the upcoming school year, it is important to get ahead of the game by creating and implementing strategies to minimize stress and maximize your potential. Here are our 5 surefire ways that you can put your mind at ease and boost your efficiency this year:

Start Smart

We’ve all been there – you feel on top of the world and then suddenly, the wave of homework crashes in and sends you plummeting down the rabbit hole of procrastination and, sequentially, late assignments. Rather than waiting and falling behind, stay on top of your work by starting an assignment the day that it’s assigned. Once you’ve started an assignment, it will feel one thousand times easier to make progress and finish it on time – maybe even ahead of schedule!

Use Your Planner to Your Advantage

Are you an efficiency aficionado? If so (and even if not), use your planner for much more than just recording your homework. Your planner helps you track the year ahead, and it can be a lifesaver when you close in on exam and application season. In addition to your assignments, keep note of your extracurriculars, volunteer hours, exams, and of course, time for you to rest!

Start a Routine

As we approach a new school year, now is the perfect time to create a new routine that works for you, and stick to it. You might want to get home from school, take half an hour to recoup and refuel, and plow through your homework, or you might want to wake up early, squeeze in some homework and a morning stretch before heading to your classes. Whatever it is, having a schedule can help you stay on track and start the school year strong.

Make a Friend in Every Class

Whether you’re just entering high school or starting your senior year, making sure that you have an ally in every class. Being able to reach out to a friend can be a tremendous help when you need help understanding a new concept, want to study alongside a pal, or when you’re sick and want to know what topics were covered.

Have Multiple Study Spaces

Tired of studying in your room every day? Take a trip up to the library or your local coffee shop. Step into the wild and read your textbook chapters on a bench while breathing in the fresh air. If you’re heading into post-secondary, keep your eye out for unique new study spots on campus. Changing up your scenery can help you feel refreshed and motivated to take on your workload.

If you need help with starting the school year strong, our educational consultants and writing coaches are here to help. You can do it! The whole team here at Options is rooting for you. 

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