Studying Sports in Canada: Part One


Many of our clients love sports but aren’t sure how they can apply their passion at the post-secondary level. Though several of our students go on to compete for varsity teams, others prefer to study the intricacies of organized sport with the hope of working in this growing, multifaceted industry. 

To help you with your plans, we’re exploring ten of Canada’s leading sports-oriented programs. Check out the first five below!

  1. Bachelor of Sport Management, Brock University (St. Catharines, Ontario) 

With a focus on the application of theory, principles, and practices of business to the sports industry, the Sport Management program prepares students for various administrative roles in marketing, statistics, strategic partnerships, event operations, and community and player relations. Enriched by internships, field placements, and international exchange opportunities, Brock University’s renowned Bachelor of Sport Management program—the largest of its kind in Canada—grows students’ professional networks and skills, and affords them relevant, real-world experience with industry leaders. One of the program’s most distinguished alumni is Kyle Dubas (’07), current General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Sport Media, Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson; Toronto, Ontario)

The first program of its kind in North America, the Sports Media specialization explores sport journalism and documentary production, sport entertainment, live production and broadcasting, on-air hosting, and multiplatform marketing. In Canada’s media and professional sports hub, Toronto Metropolitan University offers hands-on experiences and career preparation via access to elite internships, guest speakers, and state-of-the-art technology. Students can also pursue a Minor in Business Essentials to strengthen their skills before pursuing a career in sport federation operations, media entrepreneurship, or sport management.

  1. Bachelor of Commerce in Sport and Event Management, University of Guelph (Guelph, Ontario)

Housed in the esteemed Gordon S. Lang School of Business & Economics, this popular program prepares students for professional and leadership roles in sport, media, and event management. With a strong foundation in finance, marketing, and communications, students examine key aspects of diverse sports industries, including sponsorship, interactive media, event hosting, stakeholder engagement, and organizational leadership. Through case studies, in-class simulation, and co-op opportunities, students can grow their networks while applying their skills and adding valuable work experience to their resumes. 

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Recreation and Sport Business, University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario) 

The University of Waterloo prepares students to thrive in Canada’s multi-billion-dollar sports industry by fostering a solid understanding of recreation and the business smarts to deliver effective products and services. With several paid co-op work experiences, the Recreation and Sport Business program offers students the chance to build their business acumen in marketing, communications, management, and finance alongside experts in the field. Graduates from the program have found success working in major and minor sports organizations, bringing recreational programs to low-income communities, running an independent sports business, and developing innovative sports marketing programs. 

  1. Bachelor of Sport Management, Camosun College (Saanich, British Columbia) 

Offered by the Centre for Sport & Exercise Education, the Bachelor of Sport Management is a dynamic, applied degree program that prepares graduates to work in the sport management industry. Graduates are analytical and strategic thinkers who have the requisite skills and knowledge to lead and manage in a variety of sport industry contexts. This program prepares students to practice professionally, responsibly, and ethically in the sport management industry and integrate management, business, sport science, and sociocultural knowledge into the role of the sport manager. This program integrates internships, capstone learning experiences, and study-abroad opportunities. 

Stay tuned next week to discover five more programs that will allow you to study sports in Canada.

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