Wednesday, March 13th, 2019


Options Solutions is a full service educational consulting company that helps students, ages 14-24, make a broad range of educational decisions. We help all students! With our assistance, students have gained acceptance to top-rated universities, but equally as important, they also have gained admission to their dream colleges, professional, culinary and trade schools. We welcome all students and their families to our practice. Our main areas of expertise include:

  • post-secondary advising (including Canada, the US, and the UK) & university and scholarship application assistance
  • adolescent career counselling & exploration
  • educational support services (course selection advice, study skills, time management coaching & motivation assistance, etc.)
  • comprehensive standardized test prep including SAT/ACT, PSAT, SSAT and Provincial exam prep

We created and pioneered this personalized service and its support programs in Canada, and we are proud to be the industry standard. More young adults are applying to post-secondary institutions than ever before. Since admissions is competitive students typically complete multiple applications. Each institution has a unique set of admission requirements and deadlines. We can help your child navigate the process with efficiency and integrity.

As a parent, you have likely spent hours and invested great energy and commitment into researching educational issues and have found yourself overwhelmed by information. Time is money. Sound advice is peace of mind. It is essential that you receive timely, direct, and accurate answers to your questions. Options Solutions is a sound investment in your child’s future.

Consider these facts:

  • The standard answer may not apply to your child. Your child has individual strengths, interests, and abilities that make him or her unique. Options Solutions consultants do not use prescribed formulas. Instead, we offer personalized insights and recommendations specific to the needs of your child.
  • What was true last year may not be true this year.The Canadian, American and UK admissions processes are constantly evolving. Ministry mandates change from year to year, as do admissions requirements. It is critical to have the most current information. Options Solutions consultants are in constant contact with post-secondary admissions advisors to ensure they are up-do-date on the latest requirements.
  • If you’re not organized, opportunities will pass you by.All post-secondary institutions have different deadlines for admissions, scholarships, supplements, and housing. There are often several steps to the application process. Options Solutions consultants have years of experience with all levels of post-secondary programs and their application deadlines and requirements.
  • Tensions can run high in homes with adolescents.Communication often breaks down or is strained. Options Solutions consultants offer families a place to discuss their child’s future in a supportive and knowledgeable environment.

The Red Binder is the trademark of Options Solutions. We use the red binder as an interactive tool for our students and as a resource guide for our families. Each binder’s contents are customized to fit each student’s individual needs and to assist with their career exploration and post-secondary search. Each binder’s content is updated after every appointment and the result is a comprehensive program guided by the student’s individual interests, values, and needs.

  • Canadian post-secondary admissions and applications
  • US post-secondary admissions and applications
  • UK post-secondary admissions and applications
  • Sports recruitment/NCAA scholarships
  • Career planning & interest assessment
  • Writing & executive-functioning coaching
  • Law school admissions

  • Academic and Course Planning, grades 8-12
  • Academic Evaluations and Course Selection Advice
  • Summer Activities Planning
  • Academic Mediation Services
  • Motivation Assistance
  • Study Skills Coaching
  • Learning Styles Inventory

  • Admission and Application Assistance
  • Exploration of Majors/Courses of Study
  • Faculty/Program Admissions Overview
  • Post-Secondary “Fit” Inventory for Students and Parents
  • Tailored List of Universities and Colleges
  • Art Institute Portfolio Guidance
  • University Visit Advice and Planning
  • Standardized Test Information and Preparation: LPI,
    TOEFL, Provincial Exams
  • Assistance with Final Selection of University/College
    Timetable Registration and First Year Guidance

  • Career, Interest, Vocational, and Personality Surveys
  • Resume and Cover Letter Creation
  • Mock Interviews
  • Job Shadows, Internships, and Career Exploration

Sports Scholarship Guidance and Recruitment Packages including:

  • Cover Letters
  • Athletic Resumes
  • Training Schedules
  • Academic Profiles
  • Statistics Sheets
  • Letters of Reference
  • Clearinghouse Issues
  • SAT/ACT Preparation

The path to law school requires careful planning, and identifying the “right” school involves thoughtful consideration of a student’s interests and career aspirations. Options Solutions’ Law School Education Consultant, Kerry Sheppard [link to Kerry’s bio on “Our Team” page], has the experience and perspective to help students assess the pros and cons of a legal career, identify their law school options, and navigate the admissions process. From his many years as a lawyer and recruiter, he has significant knowledge about law schools in Canada and abroad and unique insight into the opportunities available to students thinking about a career in law.

He can assist with the following areas:

  • Career considerations
  • Becoming a lawyer – the process
  • Law school options – what different law schools offer
  • Exploration of courses of study and “fit”
  • LSAT goals, oversight, and preparation recommendations
  • Law school admission and application assistance

Contact us to book an appointment with Kerry.

Customized workshops in the areas of academic planning, post-secondary planning, Canadian university admissions, American university admissions, and the sports recruitment process (NCAA/CIS).

Effective writing matters! But we understand that writing is a process, and often a scary one for teenagers. We believe effective writing is possible through coaching, modeling, and lots of practice. Our writing coaches [link to “Our Team – Writing Coaches”] help students develop lifelong writing skills and strategies as they work through composing school assignments, personal statements for applications, and resumes and cover letters. Additionally, as a result of their work with our writing coaches, many students see a measurable improvement in their English and other writing-based course marks, as well as in their executive-functioning skills and study habits.

Students seek our assistance for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Assistance getting organized
  • Guidance with academic writing
  • Brainstorming and getting started in a positive direction
  • Understanding the difference between academic writing and subjective, personal essay writing, and succeeding at both
  • Conquering the challenging task of writing and writing about themselves
  • Support dealing with the sheer volume of work required

Our writing coaches can help students brainstorm appropriate writing topics, plan essay outlines, and expand draft documents. They also can offer ongoing feedback and editing advice to ensure students stay on topic and answer essay prompts concisely and effectively. They specialize in turning drafts into polished pieces. Our writing coaches’ goal is to help students maximize their personal and writing strengths and gain confidence in their written communication abilities.

Contact us to book an appointment with one of our writing coaches.

  • Admission and Application Assistance to American and
    International Universities and Colleges
  • Exploration of Majors/Courses of Study
  • Faculty/Program Admissions Overview and Evaluation
  • Post-Secondary “Fit” Inventory for Students and Parents
  • Tailored List of Universities and Colleges (Including Reach, Stretch, and Safety options)

University Application Guidance and Review including:

  • essay topic generation and review, letters of intent,
    supplemental forms, resumes and recommendation
  • Standardized Test (SAT, ACT (+Writing), SAT II, TOEFL)
  • Information Guidance and Prep
  • Review of College Offer Letters and/or Wait List
  • Assistance with Final Selection of University/College
  • Timetable Registration and First Year Guidance

  • Resumes
  • Letters of Recommendation Guidance
  • Statements of Intent, Essays, Short Answer Guidance