Monday, March 18th, 2019

Campus Visit: University of Victoria

This past Saturday my daughter and I went to see the final school on our list, the University of Victoria. We arrived at the campus around 12:30, wandered around for a bit, and then met at the Welcome Centre for our tour. I was particularly excited to see one of my Options clients there!

Our tour guide was a 4th year student who is finishing her degree – she was very well-informed, and very funny! We walked through the beautiful, park-like campus, saw a residence, the library, both athletic facilities, and many other spaces. We stopped outside the Career Centre and learned about the co-op and career advisement opportunities on campus, and learned about the counselling and health care available.

At the end of our tour, we met with a recruiter in the biggest lecture theatre on campus (holds 300 people, chairs were SO comfy) and got to ask questions. He reiterated that the main reasons to come to U Vic were the comprehensive experiential learning (co-op and practicum) programs, the strong academics, and the community – not just the access to a beautiful campus, but also to a socially engaged, active body of students and faculty. Students were also able to ask about specific programs, scholarships, etc.

U Vic tours happen 6 days a week, which makes them convenient for working families, and spending the day together on the ferry and exploring Victoria was fun. Having now gone on many tours with both my children, I have learned the value of booking a tour as opposed to just walking around the grounds. They give a real context to the physical space and help kids to imagine themselves on campus, which can then motivate them to want to do more research into specific majors or programs.


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