Canadian Business School Essays FAQs


Every year, it seems like more students apply to business programs at post-secondary institutions across the country. As applicant numbers rise, more and more of these programs ask students to differentiate themselves through short, personal essays, resumes, and activity lists. We know you have questions about your business school supplemental essays, and we have answers! Read on for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Do all business programs require supplemental essays?

No! Not every program will ask students to write an essay as part of the application, but many do. Ask your consultant, writing coach, or guidance counsellor if the programs you’re applying to require essays.

Generally, what types of questions are there?

There are (roughly) two types of prompts: 

  • Those asking about you: your experiences, activities, interests, and story. 
  • Those asking how you will fit in with their school, both intellectually and socially. 

Do I have to write about business in my essays, or can I write about other interests, hobbies, experiences, and activities?

Business supplemental essays don’t only have to talk about business! It’s important to show that you’re well-rounded in your extracurricular endeavours. You can use any of your interests, hobbies, and experiences to respond to the prompts, as long as they are relevant!

How far back can I go when describing my experiences?”

A general rule of thumb is to keep your experiences as recent as grade 10. You can also write about experiences in your past (e.g. an event that happened when you were 7) if those events are still tangibly impacting or influencing you in the present. 

What’s the right tone for these types of essays?

Your application essays should be formal yet conversational. This means while you shouldn’t be using slang in your pieces, using contractions is okay (we promise!). You want your essays to sound like they were written by you, a high school student, ready to head off to university next year. They’ll be lots of time later to sound like a business professional in your writing. In addition, you want to draw your readers in, so keeping things honest, yet upbeat and positive, is the way to go.

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