A Writing Coach’s Perspective: What I Learned About Helping Students Learn


Our writing coach Alyssa Morris shares her insights from her nine-week course that focused on how to support and encourage executive functioning and academic preparation skills in students with LD designations.

During the nine-week “Academic Strategies and Executive Function Supports for Students with LD, ADHD, and ASD” course offered by Landmark College, I explored the way in which students’ executive functioning abilities can promote their academic and personal success. Every day at Options, I meet one-on-one with clients to assess their executive functioning abilities and create learning plans with them that express their goals and the ways in which they will meet those goals while empowering them to take their learning into their own hands – thereby, making them more successful.

The course’s focus on scaffolding reading, writing, note-taking, and test preparation and the evidence-based findings and research of these skills has given me insight into the cognitive challenges associated with each skill as well as the strategies for overcoming those challenges. Ultimately, this will allow me to better help my clients to not only learn these skills more thoroughly but also comprehend their own strengths and needs. Finally, this course has helped me better understand the neurodiversity of my clients and has provided me with strategies for providing more effective instruction and creating a more executive functioning friendly learning environment. I specifically think that a better understanding of working memory, processing speed, and language processing has given me the knowledge needed to better support all my clients in their academic endeavors.

~ Alyssa Morris

Both our writing coaches are available this spring to meet with students to assess their executive functioning and academic planning skills and help them create individualized plans for success. Contact our office at (604) 922-8456 or info@optionssolutionsed.com for more information.

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