New ACT and SAT Updates


During this time of uncertainty, we’ve been following developments to the SAT and ACT exams that may affect our students’ decision-making and planning. Below you’ll find the latest updates and our recommendations for your next steps.

Pencils ready to be used for the ACT or SAT exam


To the surprise of many, last week ACT announced a commitment to keep its summer testing schedule.  

There will be exams:

*June 13

*June 18 (This will be a make-up date for the April exam)

*June 20 (This is a new date and will be open for overflow of the June 13 sitting)

*July 18

*July 25

*September 12

*October 24

*December 12


The SAT has formally canceled its June SAT and SAT Subject Test sittings. It has added a second September date, which will be released in the next few weeks; registration will begin in May.

For now, the 2020 dates include:

*August 29

*September TBA

*October 3

*November 7

*December 5

Both test makers are releasing digital exams in the fall and exploring the idea of at-home testing.

Here’s our advice

Although many schools are canceling testing requirements for fall of 2021, not all are. Be sure to check each individual school. Furthermore, be aware that a strong score will HELP an applicant in many ways. A median or above average score works in tandem with solid grades to ensure that a student has the persistence and work ethic to succeed in university.

If a student has an uneven high school academic record and chooses not to present an SAT or ACT score, admission officers may not be convinced of a student’s capacity for higher-level academic work. In general, presenting no score puts more pressure on the grade 9-12 academic record and on the rigour of a student’s schedule. Strong scores will make students stand out more than usual in the 20-21 cycle.

Finally, if you are applying (or hoping for!) merit-based scholarships in the US, you are still highly encouraged to write the SAT/ACT exams. These scores are often a primary filter for big money scholarships (especially for international students).

Stay focused and continue studying

We encourage our students to KEEP ON PREPPING! The Ivy League has not pulled the requirement at this point, and ACT/SAT prep is never wasted. We’ve heard from former clients that even years later, they still use the skills and knowledge acquired during prep in their university classes and careers. This may please us, but it doesn’t surprise us: learning how to write grammatically and concisely, to read quickly and accurately, and to confidently solve math problems are life skills. So, while these are trying times, take a deep breath, continue to stay informed, and chart a plan for long-term success. We’re in this together.

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