Three Tips for Finishing Fourth Quarter Strong


With the flowers in bloom and the scent of summer in the air, this final quarter of the school year can be difficult! Many students are finding it challenging to keep their focus on completing homework and performing well in class. So if your motivation is running low, here are three tips for finishing this school year to the best of your ability.  

Make a weekly study plan

This tip is useful any time of year, but creating a study plan can be particularly important when a student’s motivation is low and the end-of-term assignments are piling high. First, set a time during the week to create the plan; Friday afternoons or Sunday evenings are usually good times. Since you are the one creating your study plan, make it work for you; if you know Saturdays are busy with social activities, don’t plan to do homework then. You get to decide when you get your homework done, but the important part is that you have planned time so that it will get done.  

Study better, not longer  

If you don’t feel like studying for your fourth quarter math class (fair enough!), then my advice is to study as efficiently as possible. While studying, turn off social media notifications on your phone or, better yet, leave your phone in another room. Don’t just re-read your notes; keep your brain engaged by quizzing yourself with flashcards or study questions. Take periodic breaks between study sessions, and don’t be afraid to study for different classes in the same night—our brains draw connections between subjects that can actually make our studying more effective. 

Get outside when you can!  

Although taking breaks is often overlooked as an executive functioning strategy, scheduling in time for fun and fresh air is crucial. When creating your weekly study plan, do your best to leave open time for your favourite sunny day activities: hiking, reading at the beach, or biking. Taking advantage of the nice weather will help make the hours you spend studying indoors more manageable and increase your motivation.  

If you need help planning your study schedule, our writing coaches are here to help. You can do it! The whole team here at Options is rooting for you. 

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