Enrich your Learning with these Online Tools


As the school year continues, we wanted to share some learning apps to assist with your virtual learning. Today’s high school students, born in the age of digital technology, are sometimes called the iGeneration, as they have never been without access to smartphones or the internet. Yet the prevalence of programs and apps can make finding the right one difficult and overwhelming. Below we suggest some tools to enrich your learning during this time, but feel free to make recommendations of your own in the comment section!

Develop your vocabulary

The Word of the Day app sends you a new word every day and includes the word’s definition and examples of usage. Most dictionary sites also have a feature, where you can sign up to receive a daily word in your inbox (try Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day, for example). Expand your vocabulary and improve your ability to write with verve, power, and precision. 

Get ready for the ACT and SAT

Thinking of studying in the US? In addition to the practice sections you should be doing regularly (ahem), answer a daily sample question. Check out College Board’s Daily Practice for the New SAT, Math Brain Booster, The Grading Game, and ACT Online Prep. Strengthen your math knowledge with Microsoft Math Solver, which provides step-by-step explanations of various math problems. Just remember that while apps are helpful, nothing beats thoroughly learning the concepts, doing full timed practice passages, and targeting your mistakes. 

Let your curiosity run wild

Want to brush up on your grammar knowledge? Learn about art history? Master trigonometry? There are plenty of online platforms with hundreds of courses. Start your intellectual exploration with Khan Academy, Coursera, Udemy, edX, Skillshare, and Codecademy.  

Discover new languages

Interested in languages? Ready to start planning your next holiday (when travel resumes)? Start learning the basic phrases, words, and grammar of a new language. You can use the Rosetta Stone app or Duolingo, and before you know it, when someone asks if you speak another language, you can answer “oui” or “sí” or “да” or…(you get the point). 

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