Thursday, April 18th, 2019

UK Admissions & Applications

We want our services to be accessible to all students. Please advise us of your needs so we can help you determine how to best utilize our services.

Grade 10:

  • Goal setting & extra-curricular profile (including summer activities)
  • Executive functioning coaching & study skills assessment
  • Beginning interest assessment
  • Grade 11 course selection
  • Building an authentic application theme
  • Preliminary review of UCAS application system
  • Beginning BMAT/UKCAT/LNAT guidance & prep (if applicable)

Grade 11:

  • Goal setting & extracurricular profile (including summer activities)
  • Executive functioning mastery
  • Advanced interest assessment
  • Exploring university majors
  • Value list for university choices
  • Working list of universities
  • University interview/visit prep
  • Pre-application tasks
  • Begin UCAS personal statement
  • Grade 12 course selection
  • Plan for BMAT/UKCAT/LNAT test prep (if applicable)

Grade 12:

  • Goal setting
  • Tailored list of universities
  • Completing all applications & supplements (including essay topic generation and review, letters of intent, supplemental forms, resumes, and recommendation letters)
  • Checklist of all application tasks (PSI form, transcripts, residence)
  • Interview prep
  • Scholarship & financial declaration paperwork
  • Assessment of offers & final decision
  • Course registration for following school year & first year guidance

*We also offer assistance with art institute portfolio creation & application.