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Write your Way to Success: New Workshops this May


As April turns to May and showers turn to flowers, the Options team has been working hard to bring our clients new and exciting virtual workshops. Whether you want to kickstart your university application writing or hone your reading and writing skills for university next year, we’re here to help!

Kickstart to University Application Writing

These three-hour workshops help grade 11 students dive into the world of university application writing: they will learn how to tackle different writing prompts, assess exemplar answers, and practice strategies for showcasing their experiences. This brainstorming and writing will form the basis for students’ university supplemental writing in the fall, giving them a valuable head start. 

Intro to University Level Writing

Join us throughout the month of May for this weekly two-hour workshop designed to give students bound for post-secondary the skills they need to write confidently at the university level. With classes moving online, many students find they’re doing less and less academic writing, but they don’t need to fall behind. This workshop gives students the opportunity to practice these vital academic writing skills in a structured, feedback-driven manner. Students will come away with a better understanding of university level writing, from the research process to formatting and citations—and everything in between. 

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