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Summer Programs Have Launched!


We’ve just launched our summer programs at Options, and we’re excited to bring you new, updated, and fully virtual boot camps and workshops! If you’re looking for an opportunity to continue learning and fight the summer backslide, we’ve got you covered. Read on to see what we have planned for this summer.


Want to practice your reading and writing skills? Join us for the following:

  • Ready, Set, Write (8-10)
  • Options English 101
  • Mastering the Essay (11-12)
  • Intro to University Level Writing


If you’re looking to preview Pre-Calculus 11, Pre-Calculus 12 or Calculus 12, join us for these math programs:

  • Pre-Calculus 11 Boot Camp
  • Pre-Calculus 12 Boot Camp
  • Calculus 12 Boot Camp


Want to get ready for your science classes? We’re offering these programs:

  • Chemistry 11 Boot Camp
  • Chemistry 12 Boot Camp
  • Physics 11 Boot Camp
  • Physics 12 Boot Camp

Test Prep

Need some help practicing for the ACT or the SAT? Try the following prep options:

  • Core Test Skills (ACT/SAT) Boot Camp
  • ACT Boot Camp
  • ACT/SAT Mock Exams and Debriefs.


Looking to kickstart the admissions process? Join us for these interactive and informative sessions:

  • Canadian Admissions Boot Camp
  • Video Interview Workshop
  • Kickstart to University Application Writing


Looking to learn more about entrepreneurship and put your skills into practice? If so, you won’t want to miss this:

  • YELL Summer Workshops


If you’re heading to post-secondary in the fall, we recommend you attend this:

  • Post-Secondary Send-Off

For information about dates and times for all our summer programs, visit our calendar.

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