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You did it! You’re almost at the end of the school year year. Now it’s time to clear your mind, start fresh, and get ahead of the game for September. Whether you’re headed off to post-secondary in the fall or back to high school, Options Solutions will be offering multiple workshops and boot camps this summer to make sure you can enter the year ahead more prepared than ever. Here’s a peek into what we’ll be offering this summer:

Post-Secondary Admissions Assistance

We know that senior year is packed with events, heavy workloads, and post-secondary applications, which is why we will be offering the following workshops to help you lighten the load:

UK Personal Statement Writing Workshop (June 24 – Online)

The UK Personal Statement is written in a very different way than Canadian university application essays and this course will provide students with the knowledge and tools needed to be able to write a statement that stands out.

US Admissions Boot Camp (June 26-29 – Online)

A four-day session that helps students understand and tackle the US admissions process. Students will leave the boot camp with a solid start to the Common Application and other applications.

Business Boot Camp (July 17 – 20 – SG)

This four-day interactive boot camp will introduce students to creative business skills and tools needed
to succeed in the 21st century. Areas of focus include Brand Building, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Case Studies and more.

Canadian Admissions Boot Camp (July 25-26 SG; Aug 29-30 Online; Sept 10 SG)

This session is geared to help students understand and tackle the Canadian admissions process.

Intro to Canadian Supplement Writing (Aug 10 Online; Aug 21 SG; Sept 16 Online; Sept 23 Online)

This three-hour session will introduce students to supplemental writing for Canadian applications. Students will then be given time to brainstorm and engage in practice writing exercises.

Video Interview Workshop (September 16 – Online)

This three-hour session prepares students for the video interview components of university applications.

Study and Writing Skills

Of course, we couldn’t forget about students entering grades 8-11! Below are some of our programs to help with English, writing, and study skills:

Options English 101 (July 10-13 – SG)

This four day workshop is designed to give students in grades 8-10 ongoing English and writing support, so they don’t lose their momentum.

Mastering the Essay (July 18-20 Online; Aug 29-31 SG)

This three-day workshop is the perfect way to prepare for English 12 and gives students the opportunity to begin building the foundation for later success.

Writing for Self Expression Level One (July 19-20 – Online; Aug 30-31 – Online)

This interactive workshop is for students in grade 9 and 10 who want to improve their creative and descriptive writing abilities.

Writing for Self Expression Level Two (July 26-28 – Online; Aug 15-17 – Online)

This interactive workshop is geared towards preparing students to develop the fundamentals for university application responses and essays.

Back to School Study Skills (Sept 9 – Online)

This intensive study skills session is designed to help students be academically prepared for their educational futures.

ACT/SAT Workshops

Planning on applying to post-secondary in The United States? Start your preparation for the ACT and SAT now with these workshops:

ACT/SAT Mock Exams and Debriefs (Aug 14 Exam distribution, Aug 24 ACT debrief – Online)

These full-length exam sittings introduce students to the format of the exams and the debrief helps them pinpoint their strengths and areas needing improvement.

Core Test Skills (Aug 28-31 – Online)

These intensive sessions focus on helping students master the ACT and/or the SAT exam.

University Preparation

Experiencing your first year at university can feel exciting and liberating all at once. However, it can also come with challenges! We’ve put together the following workshops to make this new transition as smooth as possible:

How to Rock Your First Semester (July 12 – Online; Aug 9 – Online)

During this session, students will explore organizational strategies and understand the resources available to post-secondary students. Students will also learn how to communicate with professors and teaching assistants, how to make use of a course outline, and how to set goals and practice effective time management

Intro to University Level Writing (July 24-27 – Online; Aug 14-17 – Online)

This course prepares students bound for post-secondary for the challenges of writing for different disciplines at the university level. It discusses strategies for successful research, critical thinking, and writing while giving students a chance to practice these skills and receive individualized feedback.

University Executive Functioning Workshop (Sept 9 – Online; Sept 23 – Online)

The three-hour workshop is instructional as well as practical; students will set achievable goals and create a variety of supplementary schedules. They will also review work and recreation balance, time-management strategies, and test-taking skills.

For more information or to register for one of our workshops, please contact us at 604-922-8456 or info@optionssolutionsed.com. Happy summer!

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