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Provincial Exam Prep


Options Solutions wants to help students get prepared for grade 10 and grade 12 Provincial Exams. We will be hosting several Mock provincial exam sessions as well as instructional sessions in many areas. Students will complete a two-hour practice exam, followed by a one-hour debrief. The exam and its written components will be marked individually for each student. Currently, we are offering sessions for English 10, English 12, English Literature 12, French 12, and Francais Langue 12. Sessions may be added for Science 10, Math 10 and Math 12 so please check back with us or on our online calendar.


French 12

Sunday, May 29th 10-12 Mock Exam

Saturday, June 11th 10-11 Mock Exam Debrief

English Literature 12

Sunday, May 29th 1-3 Mock Exam

Saturday, June 11th 12-1 Mock Exam Debrief

English 12

Sunday, June 5th 10-12 Mock Exam

Sunday, June 12th 10-12 Mock Exam Debrief

Sunday, June 19th 10-12 Study Session

English 10

Sunday, June 5th 1-3 Mock Exam

Sunday, June 12th 1-3 Mock Exam Debrief

Sunday, June 19th 1-3 Study Session

Francais Langue 12

Saturday, June 11th 2-4 Mock Exam

Saturday, June 18th 12-1 Mock Exam Debrief

Monday, June 20th 5-7 Study Session

About Nicky Darwin: Having recently graduated from the University of British Columbia with a B.A. in English Language, Nicky hopes to use her knowledge to assist students in mastering the time management, study skills and writing needed to succeed in both high school and university. Nicky is excited to hold workshops and private tutoring sessions in order to help students fulfill their educational goals. Her expertise in the domains of English Language and Literature make her a knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutor, editor and workshop leader. As a graduate of the French Immersion program, Nicky’s fluency and university-level mastery of French allows her to help high school and university students in their French and French Immersion classes. Her previous experience includes five years of tutoring, as well as two editing internships at a travel magazine and publishing company. Nicky writes fiction in her time away from helping students, and she hopes to have a novel published by the time she is thirty. Nicky plans to return to university to earn her B.A. in Education and to teach at the secondary school level in English and French. She is excited to be working at Options Solutions and helping students to pursue their passions.

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