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Prepare for the June Provincial Exams with Mock Exams & Study Sessions


If you are a grade 10, grade 11 or a grade 12 student taking a provincial exam in June, we have courses to help you study and ensure you are prepared for exam day.

Options Solutions and local tutoring companies have partnered to bring you mock exam sessions and super study sessions for the English 12, Socials 11, English 10, Math 10, and Science 10 Provincial exams.

Each subject offers the following options to prepare:

  1. Full length mock exam sessions and debriefs.
  2. Three-hour subject specific super study sessions offer in-depth focus on a specific subject area and are focused on test-taking strategies, specific exam content, and reviewing sample questions as a group. These sessions are scheduled throughout June and also are scheduled a few days before the official exams, to give students one final comprehensive review before the exam date.
  3. Individual prep sessions for the English 12 and English 10 Provincial exams are also available with our writing coach Marisa, and individual prep sessions for Socials 11, Math 10 and Science 10 are available by contacting our front desk at info@optionssolutionsed.com for recommendations.

For general final exam study assistance, we are offering “Final Exam Preparation Workshops” in May. Whether you are studying for finals, Provincial exams or AP exams, these sessions cover all the skills you will need for successful studying and exam writing. Two hours of the session will be devoted to a presentation on general study skills, and the remaining hour will offer specific guidance to help students prepare for one exam of their choice.

For more detailed information about each session, please refer to the flyers below. For specific sessions dates, please refer to our calendar. To register for any sessions, or with questions, please e-mail info@optionssolutionsed.com or call (604) 922-8456.

Provincial Exam Prep 2015 – English 12
Provincial Exam Prep 2015 – Social Studies 11
Provincial Exam Prep 2015 – English 10
Provincial Exam Prep 2015 – Math 10
Provincial Exam Prep 2015 – Science 10
Final Exam Preparation 2015

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