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Looking for new undergraduate programs to put on your radar? Our Educational Consultants are here to help! In addition to exploring popular, established programs, our experts are also familiar with newly introduced programs.

Gianluca Agostinelli has compiled a diverse, interdisciplinary list of twenty recently launched undergraduate degrees for students to consider during the upcoming 2022-2023 application period. Check out our third program feature below.

Bachelor of Kinesiology – Capilano University (North Vancouver, British Columbia) 

In this new, four-year program, students will expand their expertise in the hands-on applications of kinesiology. Courses include physiology, biomechanics, active health, human behavior, anatomy, exercise psychology, leadership, and health policy. As students progress into the third- and fourth-years of the program, they will gain knowledge of research methods, data analysis, professional ethics and field studies before moving into more focused training in their chosen specialty. 

Starting in their third year, students will choose a specialization: exercise science or health promotion. From here, they will expand their knowledge in advanced courses in their area of interest while being supported and mentored one-on-one by Capilano University’s expert faculty. Before they graduate, students take part in career and professional preparation courses, field studies and a capstone course ensuring they will be ready to start working to make their community healthier as soon as they finish their degree!

Capilano University also recently launched a new, four-year Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

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