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Options Solutions Nantucket is Now Open!


COVID and the 2021 college admission cycle introduced widespread test-optional policies, staggering application numbers, and a shift in desired applicant demographics. More so than ever before, an application must stand out to garner consideration. College consulting is not business as usual. 

Entering her 28th year in education, Melinda Giampietro is ecstatic to bring her award-winning company, Options Solutions Educational Consultants to Nantucket year-round. Options Solutions is a full-service educational consulting company that empowers students to pursue their academic goals.

Melinda, founder and president, is a vibrant and widely respected educational consultant specializing in the fields of academic planning, career counselling, university admissions, and sports recruitment. Melinda holds multiple degrees in education, and she is a graduate of both the Counseling for College Institute and the Harvard Institute on College Admissions. Before she started Options Solutions, she worked as an Advanced Placement teacher, a head of a college counseling department, and a high school principal. 

Options Solutions does things differently. We don’t believe in imitative approaches; instead, we provide an unparalleled client experience, delivering thoughtfully tailored, individualized services and action plans that lead to success. Options Solutions has a proven track record of helping students get where they want to go. We do this in a unique way: providing a culture of safety and fun while promoting personal discovery and developing an authentic narrative and a mature voice. We help students do the hard work to create holistic and unique profiles. We curate dimensional plans to help our students own, embrace and have agency over the process of applying to prep school or college/university. Through our student-centered approach, Options’ clients engage in the application process and create a tactical toolkit. Our clients stand out in this unprecedented, competitive admission climate. 

Options will have a permanent home on Nantucket, helping visiting and local students navigate this new admission landscape. Setting up shop at 18 Broad Street, Options will be offering personalized 1×1 services and also group application and writing sessions (pending COVID allowances). All services are also available virtually, allowing clients access in a variety of formats and from any location year-round. 

Services offered: 

  • Full educational consulting services
  • Application and admission assistance to prep/boarding school
  • Application and admission assistance for US colleges/universities, UK (UCAS), or Canadian institutions
  • Academic course planning
  • Extra-curricular and summer planning 
  • Interest and career exploration
  • Executive function training and goal setting
  • English and writing support
  • Sport recruitment assistance
  • Workshops for completing boarding school applications (Gateway to Prep Schools) or college applications (Common Application, Coalition Application, UCalifornia, etc.) 
  • Already have an educational consultant? No problem, Options can lend a new set of eyes on your plan, application or writing. 

Want to learn more or get in touch? Visit our Nantucket office homepage.

We help you navigate the complex post-secondary selection process in Canada, the United States, the UK and abroad.

We construct progressive action plans for the future, based on each student’s individual strengths, values, and interests.