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Navigating the New Normal for Grade 12s


Options Solutions has loved being a part of your grade 12 year. We recognize what is traditionally a time for celebration is now a time filled with mixed emotions and uncertainty. With so much unknown, it’s hard for families to make decisions about the future. For our grade 12 students, there is a certain precariousness about the normal process of selecting a post-secondary institution, choosing a residence, and exploring courses for the 20-21 academic year.  There is even more stress when we consider that summer jobs/programs/volunteering may all be up in the air.

At Options, we excel at motivating others, promoting actionable steps, and mining the good. Join our founder, Melinda Giampietro, for an open discussion about the state of post-secondary admission and information about how to help your teen navigate the next few months. We will explore all the possibilities for fall 2020. With her usual optimism and humour, Melinda will also share practical tips to navigate this non-traditional end to the grade 12 year.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end.  

While this discussion is targeted towards grade 12 Options families, please feel free to pass this link on to all grade 12 families you feel may benefit.

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