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Meet Our Team: Will Zibell


This week, we sat down with one of our newest consultants Will Zibell to learn a little bit more about him and his first month as part of Team Options. Check out our interview with him below.

Tell me a bit about your background

Will Zibell is truly passionate about empowering students and their families to feel confident in successfully navigating the ever-changing landscape of post-secondary admissions. With over 20 years of experience as an educator in K-12 schools and universities, Will has helped numerous students receive scholarship awards and gain admission into top-tier universities and institutions across the US and Canada. As a high school English teacher, Will has built meaningful connections with students and was recognized for successfully preparing thousands of Grade 11 and 12 students for the rigorous expectations of university writing, admissions/scholarship essays, and entrance exams.

Will holds an M.A.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Administration and has served as a Director of University and Career Readiness, University Pathways Coordinator, and University Curriculum Specialist. Given the extremely competitive nature of post-secondary admissions, Will utilizes his expertise and knowledge of current admissions criteria to guide clients in pursuing their educational goals. He helps students and families formulate a personalized plan which best demonstrates a student’s academic, personal, and athletic profile to the institutions of their choice.

As a nationally recruited athlete in the US, Will accepted an athletic scholarship and played baseball for Clarke University. Having coached Varsity sports and high-performance athletes for many years, Will understands the dedication and sacrifices it takes to excel in a sport and the classroom. If you are a student-athlete looking to compete at the university level in Canada (U SPORTS) or the US (NCAA), Will is excited to help you and your family devise a specific recruitment strategy to increase the chances of success and scholarship offers.

What makes you most excited about working at Options?

It is truly wonderful working with such an incredible team of dedicated, caring professionals. We have the best job in the world because we get to help students and families transform their lives through education.  

What has surprised you in your first month?

How supportive and encouraging the entire Options team has been. 

Who is your role model?

I don’t really think I have a role model, but I try to be the best role model I can for my two daughters. 

If you had a theme song, what would it be?

There is a song titled “All or nothing” that my daughters and I listen to on the way to their swim practices to get pumped up. I would have to say that describes my attitude in life because if you are going to do something, give it everything you have or don’t do it at all. 

What do you spend too much time doing?

Watching ‘The People’s Court’ on YouTube.

What is your favourite snack?

I would have to say chocolate. I find myself craving and searching for chocolate quite a bit, especially at night. 

Which well-known person or fictional character would be your ideal roommate?

Ron Swanson from the show ‘Parks and Recreation’.

What’s your go-to productivity trick?

Closing my Netflix tab on my laptop is the best way for me to buckle down and get some work done.

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