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Math and the Summer Slide


Researchers have long documented the learning loss students experience over the summer months, often referred to as the ‘summer slide.’ Not only did researchers find that students’ learning loss was equivalent to one month of school, but they also discovered that this loss was significantly more pronounced for math than it was for reading.

This makes sense. Students are much more likely to pick up a book in the summertime than to sit down and do a couple of trigonometry questions, and since this is the case, it’s important to find ways to integrate math into your students’ schedules.

Playing games that use student’s math skills or highlighting math in everyday activities–like calculating tip or understanding sports stats–are all great ways to keep your students mathematically engaged over the summer. However, if your students are looking for something a little more formal, join us for our summer math bootcamps, including Pre-Calculus 11, Pre-Calculus 12, and Calculus 12. Read on to learn which topics each course will cover.

Pre-Calculus 11

Topics will include: 

  • Brief introduction to mathematical principles 
  • Arithmetic and geometric series and sequences 
  • Trigonometry 
  • Unit circle & standard position angles 
  • Sine law & cosine law 
  • Solving simple trigonometric equations 
  • Functions: 
  • Quadratic functions & equations 
  • Absolute value & reciprocal functions 
  • Linear quadratic systems & inequalities 
  • Radical expressions & equations 
  • Rational expressions & equations 
  • Review of laws of fractions and exponents, extending to the laws of roots

Pre-Calculus 12

Topics will include: 

  • Function operations and transformations 
  • Radical functions and equations 
  • Polynomial functions and equations 
  • Rational functions and equations 
  • Exponential functions and equations 
  • Logarithmic functions and equations 
  • Trigonometry (intro to radians and trig equations) 
  • Trigonometric functions and graphs 
  • Trigonometric identities 
  • Permutations, combinations and binomial theorem
  • Review of laws of fractions and exponents, extend to the laws of roots

Calculus 12

Topics will include:

  • functions and graphs
  • limits:
    • left and right limits
    • limits to infinity
    • continuity
  • differentiation:
    • rate of change
    • differentiation rules
    • higher-order, implicit
    • applications
  • integration:
    • approximations
    • the fundamental theorem of calculus
    • methods of integration
    • applications

Want to join us for any of these math programs this summer? Programs run virtually in both July and August. Check out our calendar or get in touch to learn more.

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