Join Us for Our Intro to Canadian Supplement Writing Workshop


Looking to get a head start on your Canadian application supplements, but not sure where to begin? Writing for applications can feel overwhelming at first, but don’t worry – Options Solutions is here to help! This summer, come join us on August 16th or August 30th for a jam-packed session to learn all about how to ace your writing supplementals this year.

Why Join?

These three-hour workshops were created to help prepare students entering grade 12 for the challenges they may face when writing essays for their Canadian university applications. Getting ahead on this process can help ease the treacherous road ahead and ensure that students make the most of their summer and enter the next school year with confidence and control.

What to Expect

In this workshop, students will be given the opportunity to brainstorm ideas and engage in practice writing exercises. Each student will be able to review their drafts with one of our writing coaches in the session and receive personalized one-on-one feedback on their work.

Topics will include:

  • Common supplementary writing prompts seen in Canadian university applications
  • A review of sample essays from previous years’ successful applications
  • Writing and time management strategies
  • How to tell your story in an authentic and capturing way

What Have Students Said About this Workshop?

“I really liked the tips, exercises and examples of past students’ supplementals and what was good about them and what could’ve been improved. This allowed me to take good notes and implement what I thought was good into my applications.”

Final Thoughts…

We hope you can join us for our Intro to Canadian Supplement Writing Workshop this summer. We intend to provide our students with a breath of fresh air and the resources they need to know that they can conquer their university supplemental applications. 

Want to learn more about Intro to Canadian Supplement Writing Workshop or register? Contact us today!

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