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January Workshops to Start the New Year off Right


With the new year quickly approaching, we have a whole stack of January workshops lined up to help you reach your 2021 goals! Check out the information below to see which workshop is the right fit for you.

Supplement Writing Workshop

The last supplement writing workshops of the season happen in January, so if you’re still working on your university essays, join us January 9th, 12th, or 23rd. During these three-hour sessions, our writing coaches act as your personal editors and sounding boards, helping you nail down the best essay topics and edit them to perfection.

Graduation Literacy Assessment 10 Prep

For students writing the Graduation Literacy Assessment 10 (GLA 10) in January, this workshop is a must as often, there is little time in class to prepare for the essays and reading comprehension questions required on the GLA 10. In this three-part workshop, writing coaches guide students through each section of the exam to help them become more familiar with all the components. Students will also learn helpful tips for dealing with the essay structure, exam timing, and selected-response questions.

ACT/SAT Mock Exam and Debrief

These full-length mock exams and debriefs are the best way for students planning to write the ACT or SAT to practice. Each mock exam provides students with a chance to put their knowledge to the test while helping to refine their timing. The debriefs serve as a chance for students to understand where they went wrong and how they can do better on the actual test.

Check out our full calendar, or contact us to register your spot today!

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