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How We Help with ACT/SAT Prep


So, you’ve booked a session with a Writing Coach for help preparing for the ACT/SAT exams. What can you expect?

What is the ACT/SAT, anyway?

The ACT and the SAT are entrance exams that some US universities and scholarships require. For more information on these exams and how they’re changing, check out this blog post (or this one). The core skills necessary to do well on both exams are similar, so our one-on-one prep sessions follow the same structure for ACT and SAT.

Grammar, grammar, grammar!

For both exams, a strong understanding of the fundamentals of grammar is vital. Many students haven’t seen a grammar lesson since grade 8—if ever. The first few sessions will be devoted to reviewing key grammar rules.

The English Section

Once we have completed the comprehensive grammar review, it is time to put these skills into action! We’ll begin by going through an English passage or two together until the student feels comfortable with the format of the questions. 

Active Reading: What is it?

When the student feels confident with the English section, we’ll move on to reading. Active reading is a skill that involves carefully noting key aspects of a passage: main ideas, names, and dates. This is an important technique for reading comprehension.

The Reading Section

From there, we’ll practice reading passages; we will often discuss a passage together and go in-depth on questions the student gets wrong. (At this point, expect to hear me endlessly repeat, “Read, read, read!”)

Accuracy first, then timing.

ACT/SAT sessions are a dedicated time to practice with support. Writing Coaches have a plethora of practice passages on-hand, and sessions will alternate between Reading and English. Once a student can complete passages with few wrong answers, we’ll work on timing: what are strategies for getting faster?

At the end of the day, the ACT/SAT is all about practice. Book in with a Writing Coach to get started on your prep journey by contacting us at info@optionssolutionsed.com.

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