How Options Solutions Can Help With Your Writing Supplements


Are you seeking some guidance with your university writing supplements? If so, look no further! At Options Solutions, we understand that completing the written components of your university applications can feel a bit like navigating without clear roads or pathways. It can be difficult to know where to start, what to write about, how to structure your essay – the list goes on! If you’re stuck somewhere in this treacherous landscape, keep on reading to see how we can help!

Register For a Writing Workshop

Intro to Canadian Supplement Writing Workshop

This three-hour session introduces grade 12 students to the writing components for Canadian applications. The session will include a presentation that outlines the typical essay and supplemental writing prompts required by major Canadian universities and programs. During this presentation, session leaders will also provide writing and time management strategies and sample essays from previous years’ successful applications. Students will then be given time to brainstorm and engage in practice writing exercises. Options Solutions writing coaches will give students one-on-one feedback on their drafts.

Writing for Applications Workshop

These sessions aim to help students complete the supplemental writing portions of their post-secondary and scholarship applications. Writing Workshop allows students to work on the written portions of their US, UK, and Canadian applications (and scholarship applications, too!) in a constructive and supportive environment. Students are able to receive assistance in all parts of the writing process: brainstorming, drafting, editing and finalizing their work. We accommodate students working on a variety of projects all in the same session, and our writing coaches work personally with students on their unique pieces.

Meet With a Writing Coach

The writing coach motto? Writing is a process, but the best way to improve is to begin. In the increasingly competitive post-secondary application process, our knowledgeable writing coaches help students tell their stories in unique and effective ways. They help students brainstorm ideas and identify their goals, cheer students on during the writing process, and emphasize the importance of drafts. By identifying grammatical, structural, and stylistic concerns, they teach students how to be better writers while offering valuable insight into each university.

Ready to get to work? Contact us at 604-922-8456 or to register for a workshop or book a one-on-one appointment with a writing coach.

We help you navigate the complex post-secondary selection process in Canada, the United States, the UK and abroad.

We construct progressive action plans for the future, based on each student’s individual strengths, values, and interests.