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Get Ready for University Level Writing!


Summer may sound like a weird time to contemplate the university research paper, but I’d argue that it’s the perfect time. You’re not frantically working to meet a deadline or swamped with other commitments. And waiting to learn about essay writing in university itself brings the added pressure of grades. The learning process can be fraught enough without having to worry that your attempts might not get you an A. So, in the spirit of preparing for challenges before they arrive, consider attending the Intro to University Level Writing Boot Camp!

Come learn all about writing at the University Level Writing Boot Camp!

Why should you attend University Level Writing Boot Camp? 

There’s a clear need. As anyone who’s taught at the post-secondary level knows, students fresh from high school often lack the skills expected of them. They may not have a clear idea of how to conduct research or how to manage their time for higher-level (and time-consuming) writing projects. Maybe they struggle with citations or don’t quite understand how to structure their essay. 

The Intro to University Level Writing Boot Camp is led by writing coaches who have experience in translating this information into clear explanations. Under their guidance, students will learn all  about writing for different disciplines at the university level. They will gain an understanding of how to effectively conduct research and make the most of their school’s resources. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to exercise their critical thinking skills, practice what they have learned, and receive personalized feedback. 

Okay, when? 

We’ve got two formats. The first takes place once a week in July for a total of four sessions. The second takes place in August during a single week. All University Level Writing Boot Camp sessions will be virtual, and dates and times can be found here. Make productive use of your summer by enriching your skill set and getting ahead! There will still be plenty of time to head to the beach.

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