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Get Ahead On Your Writing Skills This Summer!


Summer is a great time to work on foundational reading and writing skills. While our writing coaches have been recommending students pick up a book—or more!—this season, they’re also excited about some of the upcoming programs at Options.

In High School Essay Writing Boot Camp, students learn about how to write effectively at the high school level and spend time reading and writing a variety of essay genres. This one-week boot camp is a great investment for students interested in becoming stronger writers, better readers, and more active participants in class.

English 12 Boot Camp is a three-day exploration of some of the key tasks in the grade 12 English curriculum: actively reading and analyzing texts, including poetry, prose, and non-fiction, and writing synthesis, narrative, and argumentative essays. This theoretical and practical grounding will serve as a valuable kick-start to the grade 12 year and provide students with an introduction to the English 12 provincial exam.

Introduction to University Level Writing Workshop equips university-bound students with an understanding of writing at the university level. Through discussion, readings, and essay writing, students will learn what will be expected of them come September, how to conduct research, and how to make the most of available resources.

High School Essay Writing Boot Camp Dates:

  • July 23-27 – South Granville
  • July 30-August 3 – South Surrey
  • August 20-24 – West Vancouver

English 12 Boot Camp Dates:

  • July 24-26 – West Vancouver
  • August 8-10 – South Granville
  • August 28-30 – West Vancouver + South Surrey

Intro to University Level Writing Workshop Dates:

  • July 31-August 1 – South Surrey
  • August 14-15 – West Vancouver

Prefer to receive individual assistance with improving your writing skills? Our writing coaches are available for one-on-one appointments during the summer as well as into the 2018-2019 school year. Please contact the front desk for available dates and times.

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