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Founder’s Feature: September Edition


Throughout the academic year, Melinda Giampietro, Options Founder/President, will share some of her favourite things (books, podcasts, articles, resources, etc.). Melinda loves reading, data, research, and following academic and adolescent news around the world.

Melinda’s September Podcast Pick:
Revisionist History, Season 6, Episode 2
Lord of the Rankings

In this podcast, Malcolm Gladwell breaks down the US News and World Report college rankings. It is a captivating discussion of the college rankings’ history, methodology, and status in popular culture. I thought it was a fascinating listen.

Melinda’s September Book Pick:
We Begin at the End, by Chris Whitaker

I loved this book. After finishing it in late July, it haunted me for weeks. Duchess Day Radley broke my heart and inspired me in equal measure. It was a poignant reminder of our responsibility to do the best we have with what is in front of us every day.

Melinda’s September Cookbook Pick:

During COVID, I checked out a new cookbook from the library every Saturday and cooked my way through it over the course of the week. One of the best (and perfect for busy back-to-school cooking and baking) was Every Day is Saturday, by Sarah Copeland. Its narrative is beautifully written; the recipes are accessible and diverse, and the photos are crisp and inspiring. It’s just as fun to read as to cook from. A few highlights: Radish Salad with Kale, Almonds and Parm; Braised Short Rib Supper; Summer Macaroni; and A Chocolate Chip Cookie for Modern Times.

Melinda’s Article of the Month:

This University Affairs article talks about the 2021 admission cycle and the increase in applications across most provinces. It has some interesting data points to consider from last year, including: “OUAC numbers show applications for nursing programs across the province for this September increased by 17 to 20 percent compared to last year.” Click here to read more.

Melinda’s Research Pick of the Month:

Interested in tracking what the COVID policies are at different Canadian post-secondary institutions? This chart is constantly updated and tracks 138 institutions.

We help you navigate the complex post-secondary selection process in Canada, the United States, the UK and abroad.

We construct progressive action plans for the future, based on each student’s individual strengths, values, and interests.