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Five Reasons to Join Writing for Self-Expression this Summer


Options Solutions is thrilled to be offering a brand-new workshop this summer: Writing for Self-Expression. This course runs in two sessions, Level One for grades 8-10 and Level Two for grades 11-12. Both sessions will run July 18-19, and Level One will run again August 31-Sept. 1. Here are some reasons why we hope to see you there!

Develop Your Authentic Voice

The aim of this workshop is to help students develop their authentic voice in writing. While our other Options’ English workshops focus on the technical aspects of writing, this course hopes to build students’ confidence. In addition, many of our students will take a Creative Writing course at some point in high school or university, so the extra practice writing in this genre is beneficial.

Prepare for University Application Essays

Many university application essays ask students to write personal statements. These essays require students to speak about their experiences in a way that is both genuine and engaging. High school students don’t get enough practice writing in this genre; this course is a great way to get comfortable writing about oneself before application season!

Experiment with Creativity in a Stress-Free Environment

Unlike a formal classroom, this course offers students a relaxed space to experiment with their writing. Take some risks! Use new words, try out semi-colons, include some whacky descriptions! Students are given the opportunity to receive personalized, constructive feedback from their instructor without the pressure of marks.

Read a Selection of Prose and Poetry

Before writing their own creative pieces, students will read a selection of inspiring prose and poetry. The selected poets and authors are experimental and use punctuation and form in new and exciting ways. Our hope is that students will improve their ability to analyze and appreciate creative writing.

Enjoy Writing!

Most importantly, Writing for Self-Expression aims to help students enjoy writing! By introducing students to new poetic forms and prompts that get them thinking creatively, this course encourages students to find the fun in writing. Students will have a variety of prompts to choose from, so they will be able to write on topics that appeal to them.

Claim your seat in the course before it fills up! Register today by contacting the office!

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