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Become a Master Essayist this Summer


Like any skill, writing requires technique, dedication, and practice to master. While this is good news for students who believe that they are inherently ‘bad writers’ (False! Anyone can become a strong writer with practice.), this also means that students can experience a backslide without consistent writing practice. If you’re worried about the dreaded summer backslide in your academic writing skills, we recommend attending our Mastering the Essay workshop for grades 11 and 12. This workshop teaches important reading, writing, and editing skills—while also giving students ample time to practice what they learn—that will benefit them in high school, university, and beyond.

What will the course cover?

This three-day online course is aimed at providing students with the theory and practice to succeed in their English studies at the grade 11 and 12 level. It will give students the skills and confidence they need to succeed, making their future English courses easier and more enjoyable. Furthermore, the active reading, planning, and essay writing skills are a great way to prepare for the Graduate Literacy Assessment (GLA), a new provincial exam for students in grade 10 and 12.

The workshop will cover a wide variety of topics:

-active reading

-literary terms

-analytical essays

-how to read poetry

-synthesis essays

-argumentative essays

-narrative essays

-targeted editing and revision

Reading books for fun this summer is highly recommended for maintaining and improving literacy; however, reading and writing during the summer months can give students the kick-start they need to thrive in their upper level English courses. Our writing coaches can teach your student crucial skills while (hopefully) having fun!  

This workshop will happen virtually from 10am to 1pm on August 11th-August 13th. The second session runs from 2pm-5pm on September 1st-September 3rd.  For more information about Mastering the Essay 11-12, see our calendar. To reserve your spot, email our office at info@optionssolutionsed.com or give us a call at 604- 922-8456.

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