Love Animals? Become a Veterinarian!


Sheltering in place at home means ensuring everyone in your family is safe and healthy. This also includes taking care of your furry four-legged, feathered, or aquatic family members—your pets! Their wellbeing is just as important as yours, and when they are sick, they need medical care. Do you have a natural inclination or passion for animals and their healthcare? If you are exploring career options and looking for a profession in which you can work with animals, you might consider becoming a veterinarian. 

Explore the UK’s direct-entry veterinary medicine programs

Students can begin pursuing this professional pathway immediately after high school. In the United Kingdom, an undergraduate degree in veterinary medicine is a five- or six-year program that equips students with the training and qualifications to practice clinically, even upon their return to Canada. Apart from looking after your pet at home, if you also find enjoyment working with animals, such as riding horses, working on a livestock farm, or volunteering in an animal clinic, you might have the potential interests and practical work experience to become a veterinarian.

BC high school students looking to pursue a direct-entry academic option after graduation will find the UK veterinary medicine programs appealing. This past year, a number of Grade 12 students working with Options Solutions have successfully gained admission into the following UK Vet Med programs: Royal Veterinary College, London; U of Edinburgh; and University of Glasgow.

Begin preparing in high school

Preparing academically for veterinary school in the UK can begin as early as junior school, when you can take courses to learn about the science of animals. In the senior years, you might like to explore biology and chemistry. When applying, prospective students should be familiar with the UK Veterinary programs they are interested in. The application process will require your personal statement, where you can outline your experience working with animals, submission of high school grades, and an interview.

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