Options Solutions Program Feature: Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Governance


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Gianluca Agostinelli has compiled a diverse, interdisciplinary list of twenty recently launched undergraduate degrees for students to consider during the 2022-2023 application period. Check out our tenth program feature below.

Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Governance – Toronto Metropolitan University (Toronto Ontario)

The study of politics and governance questions the role of government in society and how it relates to social justice, democracy, citizenship, and human rights; who decides local, national, and international policy; and how decisions are reached and conflicts resolved. This program offers in-class simulations, community projects, research design and analysis, field experience, and placement opportunities, in addition to international exchange programs.

Students will graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to critically analyze and address our social, economic, environmental, and governmental challenges, and help society navigate our increasingly complex world.

This program will also provide Arts students who identify as female with the opportunity to travel to Ottawa where they will shadow a Member of Parliament, tour key political sites, and network with politicians, professors, and other students. This is one of ten Bachelor of Arts programs that share a one-year foundation at TMU.

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