Law Students: Is it too Late to Apply for the Vancouver 2L Summer Student Recruit?


(Hint: It’s not…until January 20th)

Current second-year law students interested in applying for 2021 summer positions with Vancouver law firms should be aware of the important dates in the recruitment process for those positions (often referred to as the “Vancouver 2L Recruit”). In past years, the Vancouver 2L Recruit has taken place in September/October of the second year of law school. Because of the pandemic, however, the timing of the Vancouver 2L Recruit has been delayed until the beginning of 2021. 

Students can find the relevant dates on the website of the Vancouver Bar Association here, but it is important to remember that the deadline for applications for 2021 summer positions with Vancouver firms is Wednesday, January 20th, 2021.

The Application

An application typically includes a cover letter, a resume, a law school transcript current to the date of the application, and an undergraduate transcript. An effectively-written cover letter and a well-crafted resume will often sway a law firm recruiter to offer an interview. Our law school consultant Kerry Sheppard reviewed approximately 4,500 applications during his nine years as the Director of Student Programs for an international law firm and can provide a unique recruiter’s perspective to law students about their own applications.  

What’s Next?

Following the submission of applications, there are two stages of interviews in the Vancouver 2L Recruit: “On-Campus Interviews” (generally referred to as “OCI’s”) and “In-Firm Interviews”. OCI’s are brief (about 20 minutes) initial interviews that may then lead to lengthier In-Firm Interviews. OCI’s are organized by law schools and, in 2021, will run from February 3rd until February 19th (the schedule of 2021 OCI ’s is set out on the Vancouver Bar Association website). In-Firm Interviews will take place from March 8th-10th.

OCI’s and In-Firm Interviews in the 2021 Vancouver 2L Recruit will almost certainly be conducted virtually.  In 2021, perhaps more than any year in recent memory, effective interview preparation will be vital to successfully navigate the Vancouver 2L Recruit. In his previous role as Director of Student Programs, Kerry conducted more than 1,500 OCI’s. He has “in-the-room” experience to guide law students in their preparation –by way of mock interviews, tips, and advice during the interview period itself.

Law students who secure summer student positions at Vancouver firms frequently receive offers from those firms to article following the completion of law school. Let us help you with your application and enhance your chances of landing a spot for the summer of 2021 and an articling opportunity following law school!    

Want to learn more about how our law school consultant can help? Check out Kerry Sheppard’s bio here, or contact us to book an appointment.     

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