Options Solutions Extra-Curricular Feature: Project Hastings


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Project Hastings: Lower Mainland

Project Hastings is a nonprofit organization that aims to help the community by giving out necessities and reducing food insecurity in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. It is a student-led organization with a team of over 250 youth that are motivated to make a difference.

Project Hastings’ Primary Initiatives


  • Twice a month, healthy meals are distributed to the DTES community.
  • An average of 400 hot meals and 500 pieces of snacks/necessities are delivered per event.

Care Packages

  • Care packages that include basic necessities such as socks, blankets. and hygiene items are distributed every month.

Community Connections

  • The purpose of this project is to empower youth and demonstrate that working together towards a common cause can yield impactful outcomes.
  • Project Hastings consists of 250+ youth volunteers who are determined to make a change in the community.

How can you help?


  • Join their distributions twice a month
  • Volunteering at Project Hastings is stress-free and entails a variety of benefits – making a measurable impact, meeting new friends, learning about different crises and current events the community faces through first-hand field experience which are all led by peers that go towards earning service hours.


  • Create a fundraising event for proceeds to go to Project Hastings.
  • 100% of all proceeds go toward meals, and essential items. Funds are used for the distribution of items like hot-dogs, sandwiches, socks and blankets

Click here to find out more about volunteering at Project Hastings!

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