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Cadets Canada: Across Canada

The Canadian Cadet Organizations help develop skills that will help youth transition into adulthood, from good citizenship, leadership, and a focus on physical fitness, Cadets have experiences that you don’t find anywhere else.

Sea Cadets learn seamanship skills, including navigation and how to sail. Army Cadets participate in expeditions, trekking, orienteering and abseiling. Air Cadets focus on aviation related activities including flying, gliding and studies in aerospace.

  • Invite all Canadian youth – Cadets and JCR programs are open to all youth age 12 to 18 that are Canadian citizens or are authorized to reside in Canada. Although, the program is expected to be physically and mentally challenging, there will be no artificial barriers developed which preclude participation based on gender, race, culture, religion, education, socioeconomic status or ability. The programs will make reasonable efforts to accommodate.
  • Instill Canadian Military Values – The development of the Cadet Program is guided by the best of Canadian military values and ethics. These values include respecting the dignity of all people, serving Canada before self, and obeying and supporting lawful authorities. Additionally, cadets will gain better appreciation of the specific values of duty, loyalty, integrity, courage, stewardship, and excellence as expected of all Canadian Armed Forces members.
  • Develop Citizenship, Leadership, and Fitness – the Cadet program helps participants progressively develop into adults who contribute positively to Canadian society as leaders, while instilling a lifelong appreciation of health and fitness.
  • Balance Safety and Challenge – Youth and their parents will have confidence that the activities and events the Cadets deliver are challenging, yet safe. They will also be confident that the adults leading the program are of unquestionably high moral characters and are focused on the development of the Cadets.
  • Leave a positive lifelong impact – Whether youth stay with the program for many years or for just a few weeks, it is imperative that they remember the experience positively to help guide their development as productive Canadians.

Cadets are supervised by members of the CAF in the Cadet Organizations and Administration Training Service (COATS) most of whom are among the 7,500 members of the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC), a branch within the Reserve Force of the Canadian Armed Forces. For information visit our Adult Leadership Page.

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