Join us for US Admissions Boot Camp

Every year, I look forward to US Admissions Boot Camp for a few reasons. I love watching Options president Melinda Giampietro talk a mile a minute as she shares her insights into the American admissions process. I love seeing Educational Consultant Monika Gay explain how to conduct research into programs and schools. And I love working with the soon-to-be-grade-12-students, who are eager to learn as much as they can and get to work. The sessions are productive and inspiring, the perfect introduction to the admissions process.

A sign that says "Whatever it takes," which perfectly represents the philosophy of US Admissions Boot Camp.


There are four sessions, and each one is designed to provide key information about the admissions process. We give presentations on essay writing, letters of recommendation, and the activities and awards sections; we help students craft personalized action plans; and we guide them in their brainstorming and essay writing. 

Why you don’t want to miss it

Applying to the US can be overwhelming, but we make the process manageable and, dare I say, fun! Melinda and Monika know the ins and outs of the admissions process, and I love talking about the Common App essay and University of California Personal Insight Questions. (Yes, I’ve already shared a few helpful hints here and asked my colleagues for their essay ideas here, but I’ve got plenty more to share!). Students will get a head start on this time-consuming process, and they’ll develop a personalized timeline that will allow them to tackle their tasks calmly and confidently. 

The workshop is taking place virtually from June 23rd to 26th. Most of the spots have filled, but please contact us at or 604-922-8456 if this interests you.