SAT Prep Over the Summer Break

While summer vacation is a great time for students to recharge, it is also a great time to introduce strong studying practices into your student’s routine. Your student might already be thinking about the October SAT or wondering how they are going to get into a good school after they graduate from high school. A great way to help your student mitigate stress down the road is to encourage them to log onto College Board and sign up for question of the day. This is a great way for students to get some practice and experience with the SAT without having to study for hours on end. It will familiarize students with the various styles of SAT questions, give them practice with real SAT questions, and provide students with helpful tips to find the right answers. Students will have a question sent to their inbox every single day throughout the summer!

Another great way to help your student is to encourage them to read as much as possible. It will help them to improve their vocabulary and even discover some great material to draw from as they write the essay portion of the SAT. Encouraging students to read the newspaper regularly is another great habit to get into. Routines such as question of the day and reading on a regular basis will give your student a fantastic foundation that they can build on in the fall to improve their SAT scores and to prepare for university.