Melinda Giampietro Visits the University of Regina and SIAST

 While staying in Regina and completing my STRONG Interest Survey certification program at SIAST, I had the opportunity to visit the University of Regina. I toured the campus and visited students for about three hours on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011. I was most impressed with how happy the students on campus were with the education they were receiving. The few complaints they had were about infrastructure, not about classes, professors or student support services. The highlight of the visit was definitely visiting the First Nations University of Canada. Its facility and approach to education was truly inspiring. Additionally, I really enjoyed visiting the museum on campus that displayed student work.

    Some things I learned that are worth highlighting:

  1. U of R guarantees that if students do not find a great job within six months of graduation, the university will provide a bursary covering up to one additional year’s tuition.

  3. Classes are taught by professors and are small.

  5. U of R was the first university in Western Canada to start a co-op program. It is available in 50 different programs.

  7. U of R has a Faculty of: Arts, Business Administration, Education, Engineering and Applied Science, Fine Arts, Kinesiology and Health Studies, Nursing (new for September 2011), Science, Social Work, and Pre-professional Programs.

  9. You can enter their education program directly from high school.

  11. It hosts the only Social Work program in Saskatchewan.

  13. The campus contains two faith based colleges: Campion College (Jesuit) and Luther College.

  15. Some interesting streams of study include: Arts and Culture, Athletic Therapy, Gerontology, Human Justice, Human Resource Management, Indian Art, Journalism, Medical Laboratory Science, Police Studies, Prairie Studies, Recreation and Sport Administratio\n, and Urban History.