Applying for ACT Accommodations

If you have a disability that could have a major impact on your ACT score, it is important to apply for accommodations. The ACT organization is motivated to help students with disabilities by providing them with reasonable accommodations. They have established a number of policies in order to help applicants navigate the process. To apply for accommodations, you must currently be receiving accommodations at your school. You must also have documented proof that you have been professionally diagnosed. If you meet this criterion, you can make a request with the ACT’s Services for Students with Disabilities. ACT has three different application categories:

Standard Time National Testing: Apply if you are able to complete the test under the standard time limits and use either a test booklet with regular font size (10pt) or large (18pt), but require accommodations due to disability. Students who are confined to a wheelchair or have hearing impairments should apply for this form of accommodation. Your written request needs to include:

• Your name, mailing address, and phone number.

• The test option and test date you are requesting.

• The name, city, and 6-digit code for each of the test center choices you requested when you registered online or marked in Block N of your registration folder.

• Explain your disability and clearly state the accommodations you are requesting with enough detail so we can make arrangements with the test center.

• Enclose written documentation from your school describing in detail the accommodations you normally receive in school.

• The name and phone number of a school official familiar with your current test accommodations.

Extended Time National Testing: Apply if you can use a test booklet with regular font size (10pt) or large (18pt), but require up to 50% more time, due to your disability. To apply for this form of testing for the first time, you and a school official must complete and sign the Application for ACT Extended Time National Testing. The application explains the eligibility criteria, documentation required, registration deadlines, and how to request a test date change or re-register if you were previously approved.

Special Testing: Apply if you require more than time-and-a-half for tests, require testing over multiple days or require an alternate test format such as Braille. To apply, ask your counsellor or qualified school official to complete and submit the Request for ACT Special Testing for you. The request form explains the eligibility criteria, documentation required, testing schedules, submission deadlines, and retest restrictions.

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