Application Guidelines

Every year we get a few crisis phone calls in April. We feel strongly these situations could be avoided by double checking each part of the application process in January and February before deadlines pass. Remember, many deadlines are quickly approaching (McGill and Queen’s are both February 1st). We encourage families to sit down once a week and review all emails and print correspondence together. PLEASE explain to your student how important it is to read all emails from universities.

Below is a checklist to guide our grade 12 students and their parents:

Do you have a receipt from the university for your application?

Do you have a credit card receipt showing that you have paid for your application?

Did you record your application login and password? What is your student number?

Do you need to send a hard copy of your transcript (this is usually true for most universities outside of BC and Alberta)?

Are you responsible to self report your marks?

Are you required to fill out any supplemental application materials, including Personal Profiles, essays, activities lists, etc.?

Have you applied for residence (most places in Ontario don’t require this until after acceptance)?

Do you plan to file any Extenuating Circumstances paperwork?

Are you required to take the LPI (Language Proficiency Exam)?

What is the scholarship deadline?

Have you electronically signed your PSI form?

Have you logged in to your university Student Center or email?