Thursday, March 14th, 2019

August Summer Programs are Filling Up!

In town for August? We have a wide range of programs available, from US and Canadian admissions workshops for incoming grade 12 students to English, writing and math enrichment programs for students who want to get a head start on their curriculum for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.

Post-Secondary Admissions Assistance

US Admissions Work Days (Aug 8 – SG; Aug 21 – WV)

One-day work sessions for students to work on their Common Applications.

Canadian Admissions Boot Camp (Aug 15-16 – SG; Aug 22-23 – SS)

A two-day session that helps students understand and tackle the Canadian admissions process.

Intro to Canadian Supplement Writing Workshop (Sept 15 – WV; Sept 22 – SG; Sept 29 – SS; Oct 6 – WV)

This three-hour session will introduce students to supplemental writing for Canadian applications.

Video Interview Workshop (Aug 13 – WV; Sept 8 – SG)

This three-hour session prepares students for the video interview components of university applications.

Writing + Communication Skills

English 12 Boot Camp (Jul 24-26 – WV; Aug 8-10 – SG; Aug 28-30 – WV+SS)

This interactive workshop is the perfect way to prepare for English 12 and gives students the opportunity to begin building the foundation for later success.

High School Essay Writing Boot Camp (Jul 23-27 – SG; Jul 30-Aug 3 – SS; Aug 20-24 – WV)

A one-week course that will prepare students for English and all writing-based courses at the high school level.

Back-to-School Study Skills Workshop (Grade 8-10) (Sept 15 – WV; Sept 22 – SG; Sept 29 – SS)

A three-hour back-to-school primer to help students start the year right by learning organization, study, and motivation skills, and executive functioning strategies.

Math Skills

Pre-Calculus 12 Boot Camp (Aug 20-24 – WV)

A one-week course introducing the concepts of pre-calculus math 12 for incoming students.

Pre-Calculus 11 Boot Camp (Aug 20-24 – WV)

A one-week course introducing the concepts of pre-calculus math 11 for incoming students.

Standardized Test Preparation

Core Test Skills (SAT/ACT) Boot Camp (Aug 13-16 – SG)

Four-day session that focuses on helping students master the SAT and/or ACT through ongoing prep.

ACT-Specific Skills Boot Camp (Aug 27-31 – WV)

A one-week session that focus on helping students master the ACT through ongoing prep.

SAT or ACT Mock Exam Sittings + Debriefs (Aug 20 + 23 – WV)

These full-length exam sittings introduce students to the format of the exams and help them pinpoint their strengths and areas needing improvement.

University Preparation

Intro to University Level Writing Workshop (Jul 31-Aug 1 – SS; Aug 14-15 – WV)

A two-day course that prepares university-bound students for the challenges of writing for different disciplines at the post-secondary level.

University Send-Off Course (Aug 9 – WV; Aug 14 – SG)

This 2.5-hour session will prepare students for post-secondary success from an academic and non-academic perspective.

Visit our calendar for more information about dates, times and locations for the sessions. For more detailed information about any of these sessions, or to register, e-mail or call (604) 922-8456.


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