How We Help With Sport Recruitment


Want to be a future student-athlete? We help with every step of the recruitment and athletic scholarship process.

Why plan for sport recruitment?

Recruitment rules change in the US each April, and USports in Canada has completed a major rebrand. It is imperative to have an early, strategic recruitment plan in order to increase an athlete’s chances of success and the best access to scholarship dollars.

What we do…

We help athletes devise a strategy based on the athlete’s sport and goals, including recruitment emails, websites, and resumes, and we ensure students have the proper courses and testing to be athletically eligible. We help with all aspects of the recruitment timeline from initial contact through signing a National Letter of Intent.

We can help with…

  • Understanding of the NCAA/USports process and rules
  • Constructing a comprehensive recruitment strategy (including videos and recruitment website)
  • Drafting initial contact email
  • Evaluating recruitment camps/ID camps of value
  • Assistance with high school course selection and athletic eligibility
  • Guidance for the SAT/ACT exams

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We help you navigate the complex post-secondary selection process in Canada, the United States, the UK and abroad.

We construct progressive action plans for the future, based on each student’s individual strengths, values, and interests.