COVID-19 Impacts on the Post-secondary Landscape


Right now, Team Options spends a large part of our week researching and tracking COVID-19 impacts on post-secondary education. While this is a nearly impossible task, we are constantly in pursuit of the most up-to-date information to help our grade 12 students make their final decisions and our grade 11 students understand the implications of COVID-19 for the upcoming 2021 admission cycle. 

While information is evolving daily and will continue to be dynamic, I thought I would share some recent useful resources.

My top recommendations: 

Eduvation is an amazing site. It’s run by Ken Steele, a well-respected leader in high education who runs the enjoyable Ten with Ken webcasts. Eduvation is a smart, relevant, and frequently updated site based on current research, and it has recently added a COVID-19-specific tab. The most valuable part is the spreadsheet with information about 80 of Canada’s post-secondary institutions and their plans for fall 2020

These articles from The Chronicle of Higher Education and University Affairs envision what a return to campus might potentially look like and examine the myriad of issues that educational institutions will need to think through to ensure safe campus conditions. Complementing these two pieces is a podcast episode from Freakonomics Radio, “What Will College Look Like in the Fall (and Beyond)?”  The episode offers a US perspective on the issue, but I think it will be of interest to all prospective post-secondary applicants and their families. 

University Affairs is keeping an ongoing catalogue of important information relating to COVID-19 and Canadian institutions on its website. It is updated almost daily and looks at the pandemic’s impacts from many different angles beyond enrollment, including funding, innovation, research, free resources, international student issues, and faculty perspectives.

This article is from mid-May, so expect a few changes, but it speaks to the variety of approaches that post-secondary institutions will take regarding the return to campus for fall 2020 in an easily digestible format.

For information about UK universities and COVID-19 issues and policies, follow Universities UK’s Coronavirus page.

For those of you looking for information about US institutions, NACAC is keeping a running list of changes taking place on American campuses. 

And finally for a political angle on COVID-19 issues from an American perspective, follow Inside Higher Ed’s rolling information site

Remember that our best defence during these uncertain times is to stay educated, keep everything in perspective, and make positive and informed decisions. As always, we’re here to discuss your educational options and concerns. 

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